Standard Life is now a part of one of the country’s oldest insurance companies – ManhattanLife.

Standard Life is now a part of one of the country’s oldest insurance companies – ManhattanLife.


Leveraging the best of two legacies.

Standard Life has helped meet the insurance and financial needs of individuals, companies, and institutions for more than seven decades. Operating in 45 states and D.C. as a member of the ManhattanLife family, Standard Life is backed by the financial strength and national infrastructure of one of the nation’s oldest and most reliable insurance companies.



Life and Supplemental Health Coverage

From short-term medical coverage to life insurance to cover final expenses, Standard Life has assembled a range of products to support every phase of life. Our supplemental policies provide additional insurance to help pay out-of-pocket expenses and help cover non-medical expenses, like lost wages or missed mortgage payments. These policies provide a safety net and the benefits are paid directly to the policyholder.


Putting Policyholders’ Needs First

Independent and privately held, Standard Life is flexible, quick to act, and always seeking to develop products that enable our policyholders to address challenges effectively. Most importantly, as a ManhattanLife company, we are free to focus our energy and resources on our fundamental purpose — helping policyholders and producers customers achieve the life affirmations of health, wealth, and security.




Backed by ManhattanLife

Operating successfully for years as an independent is a testimony to ManhattanLife’s enduring history, and an indicator of the reliability of the company’s future. Privately held with the national reach and financial strength comparable to the large, publicly traded insurance companies, ManhattanLife is standing by Standard Life so that we may stand by you.